How to Organize an Art Exhibit

An art exhibition should be appropriately arranged to attract the eyes of those present to view it. Anyways could be used to organize this exhibit, but the most important one is through the use of a theme for the event.

Develop a theme. An excellent art exhibition should be categorized by prominent themes that tie the different pieces together and make them feel like a whole large part. Think of the message you want to communicate. It could be an image, a feeling or a visual technique. Use more specific themes such as a black and white theme to make it more interesting. Make sure you name the exhibitions using catchy names. Select what you consider most impressive of your work. Pick out your best or most recent of the pieces you have and put them on display. If the plan is to exhibit your solo work, you will need about fifteen to twenty individual pieces to show. The theme chosen should be represented in the displayed exhibits.


Contact the local artists for submissions. Research on other artists in your area and see if they are interested in taking part in the exhibition. The collaborative effort will lead to great opportunities for other artists to showcase the work resulting in a more diverse well-rounded display.


Narrow the focus down to those artists that have similar styles and use them to produce a theme. Ensure the cost of the exhibition is split well amongst the artists and always give all the participating artists credit for their work.


Work with different mediums. Do not only settle for one form of art like sketches and paintings. Look for other artists who work on photography, sculptures to have a wide range of exhibits to show in your exhibition. Plan the event and organize the artwork. Organize the place where the exhibition is to take home and arrange it according to the themes. Arrange the date and time when the event is going to take place and notify all the participating parties.


Write a press release. When you have gathered enough art to show at the exhibition, you will need to organize the event to create awareness and attract those who are willing to attend and see what you have to teach. This should include all the relevant details of the exhibition such as the date, place and time.


Conduct the exhibition. This is the part you have been planning for, the invites are already out and what is left is just enjoying work done by all the artists. Make sure all the artists that have their arts showing in the exhibition are present so that they could handle any questions that may arise from the viewers. Knowing the beneficial effects of caffeine would also make you consider providing coffee during the exhibit. 


Conclusion: Before conducting an art exhibition, make sure that it is arranged in the order of themes to make it more interesting. Advertise for the event to have a large attendance and do not forget, give every artist credit for their work.